Teacher Evaluations May 2012

Teacher Evaluations:

  • All teachers with more than one project in the Virtual Science Fair are asked to rank their student’s projects and provide a comment for each student.
  • Use standard ranking procedures you learned in Stats 101, that is rank 1 is best, rank 2 second best etc.
    • More than one project may have the same rank.
    • Please have only 1 or 2 projects with rank of 1
    • Do not separate by subject area.  Please evaluate the entire grade category as one group.
    • Include the Team Number and Userid please.
  • Record your evaluations in a Word document then email to me. larry@virtualsciencefair.com
  • You should evaluate the projects by viewing them online.
  • The students will not see your rankings, but they will see your anonymous student comments.
    • You may also include confidential comments for only the judges to see.
  • Your evaluations should be based on your personal criteria.
  • Criteria we use in judging are found in the:  
  • Blog – Critical Checklist  http://odec.ca/wordpress/?p=342
  • Checklists on the Rules page   http://www.virtualsciencefair.com/rules.htm
  • Do’s and Don’ts page   http://www.odec.ca/CreatingProjects/dodont.htm 
  • Please try to have this done by May 11 If you have any questions or don’t remember your Teacher Userid and Password, please contact me at once.
  • If you wish to also be involved in judging projects other than your own, please contact Larry for more information

Use a table similar to:  

Rank Team Number Userid Comments for Student Comments for Larry
1 2234 testxd2 Great project. I like your hand drawn images. This student put an exceptional effort into this project.
2 2275 smitxs2    

  Thank you in advance for your help, 

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