Judging Update #8 June 11, 2012 – Judging Step 5

The certificates and cheques have been mailed. Some have been sent via Canada Post Express Post, others via regular mail.

The spelling of the names on the certificates was taken directly from the registration information submitted during registration, so it should be correct.

If any errors have occurred in the certificates, please let me know and I will print and mail corrected certificates. Since I will be away from my office for much of June, it may be more convenient for you to download the Publisher file, add the correct text and print the certificate with the school printer. The  2012 Certificate publisher file is located at  www.virtualsciencefair.org/2012CertificateTemplate.pub

Cheques are issued to the captain of the team. The captain will share the money with the other members of the team.

If any cheques have errors please let me know at once.

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