Important Dates plus Testing Updates Frequently

In order to avoid disappointment and frustration, please read the material below.

Upload and Test Your Work Very Frequently

Upload and test in a browser every time you make a change. Remember to refresh the browser or even restart the browser after upload in order to see the revised version of your pages rather than a cached version.

Your project must display using the URL

Very Important Dates

Project accounts will be locked as soon as possible after 6:00 pm PT Wednesday April 30. Changes to your website will not be possible after the accounts are locked.  Projects will be judged as of their status on April 30. If you wish to correct a error in your project, that may be done after judging is complete later in May. Help will not be available Tuesday April 29 and Wednesday April 30.

Help Desk Hours

In order to received help, please email me at  Include your userid and password. As well, identify the software your are using to create your website and the nature of the problem. Do not telephone unless  I suggest a phone call in my response to your email. Help is available but please follow this protocol.

Please Note Help Desk Dates:

Until Friday April 19 there will be significant Help available.

Saturday April 20 to Monday April 29 somewhat limited Help available.

Tuesday April 29 and Wednesday April 30 Help not available.

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