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Due Date is Past – Accounts Locked

Every year a few teams out of  500+ have a very disappointing end to their VSF participation. Often I suspect they did not review the Rules and Help sections. In the Help and Rules sections, the absolute necessity of uploading … Continue reading

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Help with Projects

Help can be obtained by email larry@virtualsciencefair.com or phone (250) 598-5960. As well questions can be submitted in the Forum. Please review the following: Do’s and Don’ts for Projects Intro Video1 Intro Video2 Rules Section Help Section Old VSF Home … Continue reading

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FTP Trouble

If you are having trouble FTPing the project files: 1) Note the host is www.virtualsciencefair.org not www.virtualsciencefair.com 2) Select “Passive Mode” in the FTP settings. 3) Check with me larry@virtualsciencefair.com that the account has been correctly created. I may have … Continue reading

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Test your website

To test your website enter www.virtualsciencefair.org/2009/userid Of course, replace userid with your actual userid. It is important to test your website on a different computer than the one used to build the website. (preferably in a different location)

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If you are having problems with your website, please contact me larry@virtualsciencefair.com giving your: userid and password the name of the software being used to build and ftp your files Of course, first have a look in the Help Section and … Continue reading

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